Barcelona Energia is the public electricity distributor for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Its mission is to work towards the transition to a sustainable energy model by boosting self-sufficiency and favouring locally produced 100% green energy.

Barcelona Energia has started to progressively supply electricity to Barcelona City Council's municipal buildings and facilities. Once this transfer is complete, it will provide service to 3,908 points and 19 municipal bodies, organisations and companies. From 2019, it will also offer service to facilities in the Metropolitan Area and to the general public, up to a maximum of 20,000 homes.

Barcelona City Council's full council meeting of 31 March 2017 approved the creation of a public electricity distributor, through the public company Tractament i Selecció de Residus, SA, (TERSA).  Since February, Barcelona Energia has marketed all the green energy it manages and exploits, totalling around 200 GWh/year.

Barcelona Energia is the largest 100% public electricity distributor in Spain. Cities such as Cádiz and Pamplona are also opting for similar models. It is an instrument for promoting and stimulating local, renewable energy generation (mostly solar energy) both for municipal facilities and for Barcelona residents (self-generation - home consumption) Its main values are:

  • Public and local: promoting 100% public energy and working in coordination with the other city services.
  • Green, local energy: marketing 100% green, local energy makes it possible to reduce energy losses associated with transport and helps the city to combat the effects of climate change, as well as not being dependent on the current electric oligopoly.
  • Transparency: in the information about where the supplied energy comes from and the final invoiced cost. And this also fosters energy culture for the general public, in order to improve efficiency and savings. 
  • Focused on city residents: ensures the right to energy for all city residents and especially the most vulnerable who are in a situation of energy poverty. Working so that everyone can have access to a basic, necessary energy supply, in response to Act 24/2015.