The City Council’s public energy supplier, Barcelona Energia, is expected to be up and running by September 2018 and will be offering local and 100 % renewable energy. . Its goal is to achieve electricity sovereignty, manage the public and private generation of electricity from renewable sources in an integrated way, and supply surpluses from consumption to households and municipal entities.

Barcelona Energia will be supplying the surplus energy that is produced in municipal self-consumption facilities and also enabling city residents to generate energy, to manage its production and ensure its supply to everyone in a situation of energy-vulnerability.

In addition, it will also be offering comprehensive energy services: advising city residents, supporting energy-efficiency and energy-generating projects, maintaining and managing generation facilities, promoting energy renovation and fostering an energy culture among Barcelona’s city residents.

The City Council’s public supplier is initially considering offering three rates:

  • Rate for local authorities
  • Rate for small tertiary sector, which will include producer and consumer clients
  • Citizen rate, which will include vulnerable clients, in response to the implementation of Act 24/2015, on Energy Poverty

The energy supplier is expected to provide all the electricity that Barcelona City Council consumes and, during the first stage, serve some 20,000 households. The Council will achieve savings of 500,000 euros a year, thanks to the public supplier.

Calculate how much energy you consume

Before you can start saving, you first need to know how much you use. This application will enable you to find out:

  • What and how you are consuming
  • Whether you are more or less efficient than average in Barcelona
  • The optimum power supply for your needs
  • Whether you have energy-saving potential
  • How you can save energy