This commitment was signed by 800 organisations, professional associations, guilds, unions, universities, schools and businesses linked to the More Sustainable Barcelona network and Barcelona City Council itself. The document was drafted in 2012 during a process that involved organisations made up of the network of signatories to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability for 2002-2012.

The first pledge, which dates back to 2002, was ratified in 2012, hence the continued backing for the 10 goals it included for a fairer, more prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona─, through the involvement, commitment and collaboration of the signatory organisations─ and over 100 lines of action.

Barcelona's Climate Commitment aims to have the city achieve the following goals by 2030:

  • With regard to mitigation, reducing its levels o CO2 equivalent emissions by 40 % per capita compared to the values of 2005.
  • With regard to adaptation, increasing the urban green space by 1,6 km2, in other words, 1 m2 for each current resident.