In support of renewable-energy professionals

The change to a more efficient and sustainable energy model will promote the development of innovative technological solutions, improve Barcelona’s competitiveness and boost the renewable-energies sector.

That professional sector had been punished by the crisis over the last few years and by the constant changes in energy legislation, promoting a centralised energy system and well-defined rules of play.

It is under the measures and initiatives provided for in the transition process towards a new energy model that the City Council is aiming to reflate and boost a local business sector committed to renewable energies and energy efficiency that can create new quality jobs.

Such reflation and the growing demand for renewable-energy generation will also open up new training possibilities and motivate students to opt for career opportunities linked to renewable energies.

Comprehensive Solar Bye-law Manager, an exclusive tool for professionals

Barcelona has been at the forefront in adopting measures for promoting renewable energies. A good example of this is the Comprehensive Solar Bye-law Manager (GIOS), an online tool aimed at the sector's professionals.

This tool simplifies the procedures for obtaining the municipal licences necessary for thermal and photovoltaic solar-energy installation projects, according to the process set out in the Solar Bye-law. ACCESS GIOS