April 10, 2017 - 15:48

Energy. The plan is part of the transition towards an energy model that promotes self-consumption, self-production and renewable-energy generation.

The Programme for boosting renewable-energy generation in Barcelona includes several initiatives that will be implemented between 2017 and 2019. The goal is to increase and boost the number of renewable facilities in the city, in both public and private spaces and roofs, by involving not just the local authorities but also individuals, private companyies and other collectives.


The municipal government presented its government measure for a transition towards energy sovereignty in July 2016, as part of its pledge to change the current energy model and advance towards energy sovereignty. The measure’s goals include doubling the generation of municipal electricity from renewable energies and increasing by 10% private generation of energy derived from renewables.

The Programme for boosting solar energy in Barcelona is as a tool here for growing and boosting the number of renewable facilities in the city, in spaces and on roofs, whether public or private. The idea is that self-consumption, self-production and renewable and local energy generation and will became part of everyday life in Barcelona. “The aim behind self-production and self-consumption is feasible, and there is a pressing need for everyone to commit themselves to implementing these initiatives”, said the Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, Janet Sanz, who also highlighted how this measure was also meant to turn Barcelona into a benchmark city in this area.

The initiatives will affect both public and private spaces and the investment may as well. Action will be taken on:

– Public roofs or spaces with public investment: New amenities will be put up in existing municipal buildings and facilities and in the city’s public spaces. The initiatives will basically focus on libraries, schools and civic centres.

– Public roofs with private or collective investment: Companies or individuals will invest in public buildings or spaces handed over by the City Council under collaboration agreements.

– Private roofs or spaces with public investment: The City Council will be investing in roofs and other private spaces, such as the party walls of some of Barcelona’s buildings.

– Private roofs with private investment: These are initiatives in private buildings where the investment is made by private players. The City Council will accompany them both financially —with grants and bonuses— and technically.New website space

The impact of the programme will presuppose increasing the installed photovoltaic power installed in 2015 by over 20%. The goal is for everyone (authorities, the public and business sector) will be jointly responsible for it and assume that the present energy-generation model needs to be re-orientated and transformed. That means enabling the public to generate an important part, if not all, of the energy required to cover its needs. “The idea is not just to double the municipal generation of electricity derived from renewable energies but also to start mobilising private capital”, declared the Councillor for Water and Energy, Eloi Badia.

A new website

Barcelona is advancing towards energy sovereignty, hence its launch of a new website which explains the steps being taken to boost an energy transition in the city. This new website offers information on energy rights, available resources for improving energy efficiency in households and the tools being launched for local solar-energy self-generation.