June 15, 2017 - 16:57

Renovation grants. Learn about all Barcelona City Council’s new renovation grant subsidies and programmes, which are designed to promote energy efficiency along and building and interior renovation.

The Barcelona Housing Consortium’s new call for renovation grants, open from 30 March to 31 December 2017, includes grants for energy renovation, flat interior alterations and building renovation which are targeted at communities of property owners.

This year, the City Council will allocate €46.6 million in renovation grants, with the aim of guaranteeing decent housing for all city residents, improving people’s well-being and quality of life at the same time. New features for 2017 include:

  • Grants of up to €20,000 (where total family income does not exceed €25,000 a year)
  • Specific programmes for promoting and prioritising energy savings and energy efficiency in buildings
  • A programme for renovating home interiors, with 100% cover of the investment if the home is handed over to the Housing Pool
  • Owner communities can also apply for grants

The renovation grants also serve to improve home accessibility and habitability. Improvements include actions aimed at improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of flats, to ensure they have suitable installations, free of contaminating materials.

The 2017 restoration grants come under the municipal government’s renovation policies, set out in the Right to Housing Plan for 2016-2025, which seek to increase the number of affordable homes available for rent in the city and include social scales in the grant and subsidy applications for work inside flats.


Do you want to generate your own energy?

The call for renovation grants for 2017 encourages initiatives for fostering energy efficiency, such as promoting power generation through thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.

So subsidies of up to 60% of the cost of the initiatives are provided for, whether the applications come from individuals or communities of owners. Furthermore, 100% of the energy audit cost will be met, provided that any of the initiatives contemplated by the audit are carried out.

Did you know that improving exterior insulation can help to reduce energy consumption? Energy-renovation work enables you to save on energy and be more energy efficient, as well as ensure your flat is in a good state of repair, which has a positive effect on the health of the people who live there.


Do you want to renovate the inside of your home?

Do you need to swap your bath for a shower? Do you want to install a platform lift to gain access to your home?

The new renovation call includes subsidies for removing architectural barriers, improving the supply systems and changing door and window enclosures to provide acoustic insulation.

The grants for flat interior work are intended for usual residences that are occupied. Where flats are vacant, owners can apply for grants by undertaking to include them in the Social Rental Pool once they have been renovated.


Do you want to renovate your building and the communal areas?

Renovating the structure of buildings, inside and out, will help to improve the quality of life of the people who live there. Examples include installing lifts, building ramps, renovating stairs and stairwells, or repairing fittings and installations in poor condition.

The new building-renovation grants for communities offer subsidies of up to €60,000 to repair structural pathologies and the common features of the buildings and make them safe, accessible and energetically sustainable.

All this also helps to maintain decent public spaces where people feel safe, as well as encourage renovations in the existing housing park. That means grants can be applied for buildings with empty flats, provided they remain in the Social Rental Pool for a minimum period of five years once they have been renovated.