April 11, 2017 - 17:29

Ecology. The entire park’s public lighting facilities are to be improved, especially in its walking areas, with the aim of reducing energy consumption there by 70%.

The lighting System at Parc Central in Nou Barris is to be renovated to improve people’s sense of lighting, reduce energy consumption and improve the conditions and quality of public spaces. The work is expected to start in May and end in December and will have a budget of 2.23 million euros.



Parc Central in Nou Barris is to have new and more efficient lighting by the end of the year. 414 lights and 165 stands will be renovated from May to December and new light points installed. The initiative will be funded by an investment of 2.23 million euros and allow a better general sense of lighting in the park, especially along its walking areas. The new lights, what is more, will enable 70% savings.

A comprehensive study on the park’s lighting has been conducted for this initiative, so the lighting can be adapted to today’s user needs. Work will be carried out in three areas: between Plaça de Karl Marx and Passeig de Fabra i Puig; between Fabra i Puig and Passeig de Verdum and at Plaça de Can Ensenya. The existing mercury-vapour lamps and high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps will be replaced with LEDs.

The planned solution meets light and efficiency goals although it also meets the area’s aesthetic criteria, given the park’s unique features. To optimise the investment, existing control boxes that are in good condition will be kept, though adapted to new tele-management, and the lighting management and control improved. Light stands that are still in good condition will likewise be kept. All the lights are being replaced with LEDs, and the park’s cable System is being renovated, work that will involve digging channels and resurfacing.

The new facilities will follow criteria under the Barcelona Master Plan for Lighting and are part of the city’s energy policies.

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