This is a campaign to raise awareness and encourage good practices in the use and consumption of energy, with the additional aim of allocating the financial savings achieved to the fight against energy poverty.

Why are we doing the Marathon?

First, because we believe it is very important for all of us who work in or use municipal buildings and facilities to be aware of the energy, water and heating we consume.

By paying attention to how we consume energy we will see how we can reduce our consumption considerably through small, everyday actions. For example, using a half-flush in the toilet, walking upstairs instead of taking the lift or ensuring we have an efficient air-conditioning temperature.

We are also carrying out this initiative because we wish to express our solidarity with all those who experience energy poverty and to allocate the money we save to funding projects that ensure no person suffers cold, lacks water or has their power cut off.

Water and energy are finite resources and using them unnecessarily has consequences for the entire planet. Reducing energy consumption helps us to combat the effects of climate change.

How does the Marathon work?

Some 62 municipal buildings and facilities from all the city’s districts will be taking part in the Marathon during the month of February. That means people who use or work in them during February will have to pay extra attention to how they consume energy.

We shall be monitoring water, electricity and gas consumption weekly and checking whether we have succeeded in reducing the level compared to previous years. We shall be taking note of all this and find out at the end of the month how much we have saved.

These savings will be converted into a quantity of money for allocation to E3, an educational initiative for the transition to energy sovereignty in Barcelona and about rising awareness of energy poverty.

Which municipal buildings and facilities are taking part in it?

  • Seu del Districte de Ciutat Vella
  • Seu del Districte de Ciutat Vella
  • Casa de la Misericòrdia
  • CEM Can Ricart
  • CEM Colom
  • CEM Marítim
  • CNAB-CEM Sant Sebastià
  • Escola Parc de la Ciutadella
  • Seu del Districte de l’Eixample
  • CEM Estació del Nord
  • CEM Joan Miró
  • CEM Sagrada Família
  • CEM Sardenya
  • Col·legi Sant Miquel
  • Escola Mallorca
  • Seu del Districte de Sants-Montjuïc
  • CEM Espanya Industrial
  • CEM La Bordeta
  • CEM Piscines Bernat Picornell
  • CEM Les Corts
  • Col·legi Paideia
  • Col·legi Sant Ramon Nonat
  • Seu del Districte de Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
  • Oficines del carrer d’Anglí, 31
  • CEM Can Caralleu
  • Escola Els Xiprers
  • Seu del Districte de Gràcia
  • Oficines de Fco. Giner, 46
  • Oficines de Fco. Giner, 51
  • CEM Can Toda
  • CEM Perill
  • CEM Sardenya-Claror
  • Espai Jove La Fontana
  • Seu del Districte d’Horta - Guinardó
  • SSTT/Serveis Generals/OAC/Arxiu, Lepant 387
  • CEM Guinardó
  • Escola Heura
  • Seu del Districte de Nou Barris
  • CEM Cotxeres Borbó
  • Centre Cívic Can Verdaguer
  • Escola Ferrer i Guàrdia
  • Oficines municipals Josep Pallach
  • CEM Sant Andreu - La Sagrera
  • CEM Trinitat Vella
  • Espai Jove Garcilaso
  • Escola Pompeu Fabra
  • Seu del Districte de Sant Martí
  • Oficines del carrer d’Andrade, 9
  • CEM Bac de Roda
  • CEM Can Felipa
  • CEM Júpiter
  • CEM La Mar Bella
  • CEM La Verneda
  • CEM Maresme
  • CEM Vintró
  • Centre Municipal de Vela
  • Escola Dovella
  • Escola Miralletes
  • Oficines d’avinguda Diagonal, 240
  • Oficines de Torrent de l’Olla, 218
  • La Fàbrica del Sol
  • Oficines del carrer d’Avinyó, 15
  • Oficines del carrer del Paradís, 14