In order to guarantee the basic supply of energy for everyone, combined measures are needed to implement effective structural changes that compensate for the inequality generated by energy poverty.

In this regard, the government measure on the the Transition towards energy sovereignty, which was approved by Barcelona City Council in July 2016, establishes that having access to energy is a basic right and one of the city's main objectives. Accordingly, it aims to:

  • Coordinate operations with the Area of social rights, to identify vulnerable people and start implementing actions that are needed;
  • Establish social criteria for all energy-based operations;
  • Continue relationships with energy suppliers to prevent people from having their power cut off;
  • Introduce a rates policy that the energy supplier will offer with a special rate for vulnerable members of the population;
  • Implement an information, advice and support service to resolve citizens' energy problems for people who require such a service, based on local solutions, accessibility and transparency, via local amenities with energy assessment points (in the Housing offices) and La Fàbrica del Sol, among others;
  • Create awareness campaigns;
  • Establish systems that enable the reinvestment of money that is currently used to pay energy bills in structural policies of auto-consumption, energy saving and energy efficiency

In summary, the City Council wants to prevent people's power being cut off and to enable vulnerable people to have guaranteed access to energy.