Consumption in municipal buildings and facilities represents around 50% of the total municipal energy expenditure. It is therefore crucially important to take action at these facilities and save on energy and emissions. At the same time, initiatives in municipal buildings are a key tool for promoting energy-saving and efficiency measures, given the exemplary role they play before the public.

These measures are coordinated under the Municipal Building Energy Improvement Plan (PEMEEM), which aims to save energy and install renewable energies in municipal facilities, while positioning Barcelona City Council as a highly sustainable local authority when it comes to managing its own facilities.

The energy-saving and efficiency measures proposed for municipal buildings are divided up into the following areas:

  • Heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Thermal envelope (insulation in façades and roofs).
  • Electrical systems.
  • Water saving.
  • Office automation and communication systems.
  • Energy monitoring and management systems.

PEMEEM also monitors the urbanisation projects of public spaces to ensure they take account of harnessing local-energy sources. That means that every new urbanisation or re-urbanisation project must include a technical study on harnessing renewable (mainly solar) or residual (heat or cold focus) energy sources, as well as a calculation of the expected energy demand (where this exists).

The projects will have to consider urban-furniture constructions or structures that support thermal or electric energy producing facilities based on disposable resources and to optimise energy production, taking urban-landscape integration into account.

As for electric-energy production facilities, priority will be given to self-consumption where there are municipal-service connections with matching consumption. As for the other cases, the electric energy generated will be introduced into the electricity grid via the municipal distributor Barcelona Energia.

Any new energy project or comprehensive equipment overhaul will have to be carried out under protocols established by the Barcelona Energy Agency, ensuring effective compliance with the generic instructions established for technical sustainability.

You can find further information in the attached documents.