The City Council will help you to generate your own energy and be more efficient

Barcelona will be allocating €46.6 million in 2018 to financial help for housing renovations. A new feature is the priority being given to projects for generating solar energy or fostering energy efficiency:


Find out about the grants and subsidies you can apply for according to your energy-renovation or generation-system installation project, and your location in the city. At Energy Assessment Points there are specialist staff at your disposal who will answer any questions you may have and advise you on the application process for grants and subsidies for energy renovation or installing systems for generating your own energy.

Here you will find all the information on grants and subsidies for renovations from the Barcelona Housing Consortium: GRANTS AND SUBSIDIES

Grants and subsidies apply to the entire city. Even so, there are specific urban areas and neighbourhoods which require special attention, owing to their features, and which therefore have specific or higher grants and subsidies.

Click here to view the grants and subsidies available according to the location of your building or flat: ARRANGE A CONSULTATION
You can download the 2019 Subsidy Campaign