You can generate your own energy in Barcelona

Barcelona is facing the same energy problems found in many other cities: high consumption and, for all the efforts made to increase the generation of renewable and waste energy, there is still a large dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels. This problem has a solution: increasing the local production of clean energies.

Here in Barcelona we could generate close to 50% of the electricity* we consume at home shome if we had photovoltaic solar panels installed on all the city’s roof terraces. Discover how much energy can be produced in the city by consulting Barcelona's Energy resources map where you can see the potential of solar thermal energy (to generate hot water) or photovoltaic solar energy (to generate electricity) in your building.

So it is the City Council's goal to achieve a city that produces clean local energy and cover municipal and individual consumption as far as possible, with a clear commitment to renewable energies.

*According to the Barcelona Resources Map, the city’s total solar-electricity generation potential is 1,191 GWh/year, which is equivalent to roughly 50% of the domestic electricity consumption in 2012, a calculation that takes account of roofs that receive sunlight and present suitable conditions for generating energy.