Improving energy efficiency to reduce consumption

Energy efficiency aims to achieve the same services but with fewer resources; that is, to make an appropriate use of energy for saving without compromising on quality of life or services. Efficiency is one of the keys that will enable the change of energy model in Barcelona to become a reality.

To achieve this change, the first thing we need to do is reduce our energy consumption by implementing energy-saving measures and, in any case, by always making a more rational use of the resources we have at hand. And involves all of us: from the City Council itself to the city’s residents.

Your role in reducing energy consumption is crucial as is ensuring, between us all, a more efficient city for us to enjoy and a sustainable future that is respectful both to people and the environment.

The City Council has been working towards this goal and that is why we can now enjoy more efficient lighting, the first urban heating and cooling networks to use waste energy sources, and more sustainable transport. What is more, we are spearheading energy renovation in flats and the installation of solar panels in public spaces and buildings, we are promoting electric vehicles and carrying out training in energy efficiency, to name but a few of our measures.