Sunlight is the Earth's main source of energy and Barcelona enjoys many hours of sunshine throughout the year. We have enormous energy potential in Barcelona if we harness solar energy.

More specifically, we have a surface area of almost 8 million m2 for capturing sunlight,, through which we can generate around 1,191 GWh/year of solar photovoltaic energy and 5,945 GWh/year of solar thermal energy, according to data from the Energy Resources Map.

Incentive Programme for Generating Solar Energy in Barcelona.

This programme will be working on four areas of action during the 2017-2019 period and aiming to increase the power installed to date by 20 %.

The Incentive Programme for Generating Solar Energy in Barcelona represents a clear commitment to a change of model based on a distributed generation through the use of clean energies. It also sets the path for democratising energy and everyone’s participation and involvement (authority, city resident, management) in the change of energy model.

The programme will reflate the professional renewable-energies sector ─which has been subject to limitations under the current legislative framework─, with the increase in demand for installations and the creation of quality jobs. The aim is to ensure that self-consumption, self-production and renewable generation become an everyday matter.