This programme, also known as the Barcelona Reserved Job Market, fosters employment for people who have difficulty in accessing the job market. It is led by Barcelona City Council's Municipal Institute of Social Services, with the collaboration of social organisations, represented by ECAS (Catalan Social Action Organisations), FEICAT (Placement Companies of Catalonia) and the Red Cross, as well as the city's business community.

This is a job market reserved for people at risk of social exclusion, where organisations find the person best-suited to the contractual needs of a post, following skilled-employment criteria. Networking between Social Services and a team of professionals makes it possible to give advice and support in selecting the best profile, and provide individual support for candidates and their adaptation to the new job.

The Labora Programme links companies to a social-responsibility programme while also arranging for various economic sectors to take part in an initiative that works to promote equal opportunities for the general public.

In this sense, companies in the renewable-energy sector benefit from economic incentives and bonuses for hiring people who are registered with this programme.