Barcelona City Council is actively taking part in Energy Week 2018, which is being held from 4 to 8 June, to coincide with European Sustainable Energy Week This campaign aims to raise society's awareness about energy saving and efficiency, as well as energy generation.

In Catalonia, Energy Week is organised by the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), Barcelona Provincial Council, the Towns and Cities Network for Sustainability, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Girona Provincial Council, the Centre for Local Environmental Initiatives for Girona's Regions (CILMA), Tarragona Provincial Council and Lleida Provincial Council, as well as Barcelona City Council.

The main theme of the week is energy transition in Catalonia. In Barcelona, we are taking part in global strategies and joining forces to become more resilient and self-sufficient on a local scale, minimising our global impact in order to tackle climate change. The city's energy transition is based on:

  • Local renewable generation. The general public must become a key player in increasing the generation of local, renewable energy and in promoting self-consumption installations.
  • Energy democracy. The general public must participate in the territory's energy policies and take on an active, responsible role in their own energy consumption, through a rational use of energy, optimising demand and covering that demand with more efficient devices. The general public must be provided with the tools they need to make this change possible and real.

As part of the European Sustainable Energy Week, various Barcelona organisations and facilities are jointly organising visits and activities related to energy efficiency, saving and sovereignty, in order to encourage people to become committed to this cause.

You can find all the activities and enrol for them on the La Fábrica del Sol website.