Barcelona City Council is actively taking part in EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020, which is being held from 22 to 26 June. This is a campaign aimed at raising society's awareness of energy saving, efficiency and generation.

This year, the COVID-19 situation is allowing us to link the lockdown to the changes brought about in energy consumption.

The current situation has compelled us to stop using machines, and that has led to a drastic global drop in energy consumption. This reduction in consumption has led in turn to a drop in CO2 emissions which, if maintained over time, with the help of renewable energies and the decarbonisation of the economy, could mitigate the future effects of climate change.

Much of the energy that has not been consumed in shops and companies, however, has been consumed on a domestic scale, given the considerable extra time that city residents have been spending at home. And this increase in consumption has led to a rise in electricity- and gas-bill prices, making education in energy efficiency all the more essential for city residents.

Hence the two main goals in this year’s energy week.

  • Efficiency and citizen empowerment: so many hours at home are important for raising our awareness of the importance of having a better understanding of the functioning of energy and of using its consciously and efficiently.
  • Renewable and local energy generation: we must not lose sight of the fact that the health crisis goes hand in hand with the ecological and climate crisis and that renewable and local energy generation is the key. Citizens are the key to promoting self-consumption facilities.

Energy Week is organised in Catalonia by the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), Barcelona Provincial Council, the Towns and Cities Network for Sustainability, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Girona Provincial Council, the Centre for Local Environmental Initiatives (CILMA) in the counties of Girona, Tarragona Provincial Council and Lleida Provincial Council, as well as Barcelona City Council.

You can check out the activities and sign up for them form the Fábrica del Sol website.

Change starts at home: I choose, I act.