The government measure for regenerating land and housing in Barcelona currently highlights the need for spearheading new energy improvements associated with renovating less efficient buildings. It therefore favours energy-generating facilities that use renewable sources (solar photovoltaic and thermal energy) and other associated initiatives.

Along these lines, it is important to highlight the 2020 housing-renovation subsidy campaign, which promotes the installation of systems for generating renewable energy and reducing energy consumption.

In order to foster the generation of solar energy, subsidies of up to 55% of the total cost of the work are available (for both individual and owner-community applications) and a 50% subsidy for overall energy-improvement work.

There is also a series of tax benefits that facilitate the installation of renewable energy systems in privately-owned buildings.

The City Council is currently offering a 50% discount on its property tax (IBI) for the first three years after the investment is made. This is applicable to voluntary solar-energy installations and it is included in the latest fiscal by-law. There is also a 95% discount on the construction, installation and works tax (ICIO), with regard to the total cost of the construction-work licence, provided that this is not for mandatory installations.

These discounts are directly managed by Barcelona City Council's Municipal Tax Office.

Work is also being carried out on several accompaniment measures, such as creating a one-stop shop for processing energy-generating facilities, simplifying administration and legalisation procedures and providing more information from Energy Advice Points and La Fàbrica del Sol.